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Trip Itineraries

Welcome to Northland Lodge Trip Itineraries, your gateway to planning your next adventure and relaxation in the heart of Waterton Lakes National Park. We have prepared potential plans we recommend for experienced hikers, true tourists, and also those seeking the perfect blend of adventure and tranquility. Explore the virtual guide below where we have compiled recommendations from Waterton locals. We hope to help you enjoy Waterton to the fullest no matter where your interests lie. 

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Experienced Hiker Itinerary

Day 1: Crypt Lake Hike

  • Morning: Start your day early and embark on the challenging Crypt Lake Hike. This 17.2 km (10.7 miles) round trip trail offers stunning scenery, including waterfalls, a cave, and the famous Crypt Lake itself. National Geographic rates it to be a world class adventure! Don't forget to take a boat across Upper Waterton Lake to reach the trailhead, adding a unique element to your adventure.

  • Afternoon: Spend the afternoon exploring the Crypt Lake area, taking in the breathtaking views. This hike is known for its thrilling elements, such as the narrow cliff-hugging trail and a steel ladder that adds an exciting twist to your journey.

Day 2: Avion Ridge

  • Morning: Begin your day with the Avion Ridge hike. This moderately strenuous trail provides panoramic views of Waterton Lakes, the townsite, and the surrounding mountains. The trailhead is accessible from the Chief Mountain International Highway.

  • Afternoon: After completing the Avion Ridge hike, enjoy a leisurely afternoon exploring the town of Waterton. Visit local shops, dine at one of the charming restaurants, and take in the relaxed atmosphere of this beautiful mountain town. A few recommendations for dining are Thirsty Bear, Weiner's of Waterton, and Pizza of Waterton! View more Waterton Restaurants 

Day 3: Twin Lakes

  • Morning: Head to the Twin Lakes trail, a moderate hike that takes you through lush forests and opens up to stunning views of the Twin Lakes. This 12 km (7.5 miles) loop trail is a great way to experience the diverse landscapes within the park.

  • Afternoon: Relax by the lakeside, take photos of the surrounding scenery, and enjoy a picnic lunch. Pack from items from one of our local markets or from ordering from our lodge kitchen! Twin Lakes offer a serene setting, providing the perfect opportunity to unwind and appreciate the natural beauty of Waterton Lakes National Park.

Day 4: Vimy Ridge/Peak

  • Morning: Challenge yourself with the Vimy Ridge/Peak hike. This demanding trail takes you to the summit of Vimy Peak, offering unparalleled views of the Waterton Lakes and the surrounding mountains. The trailhead is located near the Chief Mountain International Highway.

  • Afternoon: Celebrate your accomplishment with a well-deserved break at the summit. Take in the breathtaking scenery and capture some memorable photos. Descend back to the trailhead and consider exploring nearby attractions, like Red Rock Canyon, to round out your day.

Before you embark on your trip, be sure to check the latest trail conditions and any park advisories. For more details on these hikes and additional trails, visit the Waterton Tourism website and Parks Canada. They provide up-to-date information and helpful resources to enhance your Waterton Lakes National Park adventure. Additionally, a fun challenge you can join while in the park is complete the Triple Crown! Sign up at Pearls Café. Make sure you snap a photo of yourself at the summit of each hike. Once you have completed the Triple Crown challenge, be sure to fill out our Waterton hike review and include the pictures of you summiting each hike and you will receive a spot on their glory board!

True Tourists Itinerary 

Day 1: Bertha Lake Hike and Bears Hump Hike

  • Morning: Begin your exploration of Waterton Lakes National Park with the Bertha Lake Hike. This moderate 10.4 km (6.5 miles) round trip trail takes you through lush forests and rewards you with the serene Bertha Lake. Enjoy a leisurely hike and take in the breathtaking mountain scenery.

  • Afternoon: In the afternoon, tackle the short but steep Bears Hump Hike. This iconic trail offers a panoramic view of Waterton townsite, Upper Waterton Lake, and the surrounding peaks. It's a must-visit for its stunning vista and accessibility.

Day 2: Wall Lake Hike and Waterton Cruise Co. - Canada USA Border Cruise

  • Morning: Explore the Wall Lake Hike, a relatively easy trail that takes you through meadows and offers stunning views of Wall Lake. This 8 km (5 miles) loop is a great way to experience the natural beauty of the park without an intense hike.

  • Afternoon: After your hike, enjoy a relaxing afternoon cruise with Waterton Cruise Co. Take the Canada USA Border Cruise to appreciate the unique international aspect of Waterton Lakes National Park. The cruise provides insightful commentary about the history, geology, and wildlife of the region.

Day 3: Horseback Riding at Alpine Stables

  • Morning: Experience the beauty of Waterton on horseback with a visit to Alpine Stables. Enjoy a guided horseback ride through the scenic landscapes, immersing yourself in the tranquility of the park while riding well-trained horses.

  • Afternoon: After your horseback adventure, take some time to explore the townsite. Visit local shops, grab a meal at one of the charming restaurants, and soak in the relaxed atmosphere of Waterton.

Before planning your trip, make sure to check the schedule and availability for Waterton Cruise Co. and Alpine Stables. For more details on these activities and additional attractions, visit the Waterton Tourism website. The website provides comprehensive information to help you make the most of your Waterton Lakes National Park experience.

The Relaxer Itinerary 

Day 1: Lakeside Stroll and Lakeside Chop House

  • Morning: Start your day with a leisurely stroll along Waterton Upper Lake. Enjoy the tranquility of the lakeside setting, taking in the fresh mountain air and picturesque views. This is a perfect opportunity for a peaceful morning walk, allowing you to connect with the serene beauty of Waterton.

  • Afternoon: Head to Lakeside Chop House for a delightful lunch. Indulge in a culinary experience with a romantic ambiance and stunning lake views. This charming restaurant offers not just a meal but an unforgettable dining experience by the water's edge.

Day 2: Waterton Visitor Center and Town Exploration

  • Morning: Visit the Waterton Visitor Center to learn more about the park's history, geology, and wildlife. Gather information about the various leisurely activities and scenic spots within Waterton Lakes National Park. Take your time exploring the exhibits and chatting with knowledgeable park staff.

  • Afternoon: Spend a relaxed afternoon browsing the shops in town. Waterton's townsite is known for its quaint shops offering unique souvenirs, local art, and charming trinkets. Take a leisurely stroll through the streets, enjoying the friendly atmosphere and perhaps stopping for a cup of coffee or ice cream along the way.

Day 3: Hike to Blakeston Falls

  • Morning: Gear up for an exciting day of hiking to Blakeston Falls. Begin your adventure by driving or taking a shuttle to the trailhead. The hike to Blakeston Falls offers a moderate challenge with rewarding views along the way. As you ascend through the lush forest, you'll encounter the soothing sounds of nature and may even spot some local wildlife.
  • Afternoon: Reach the breathtaking Blakeston Falls and take a moment to relish in the natural beauty surrounding you. Enjoy a picnic lunch near the falls while listening to the cascading water. Take some photos to capture the memory of this spectacular spot.
  • Evening: Return to your accommodation in Waterton and unwind after the day's adventure. Consider dining at one of the local restaurants in town to share your hiking experiences and enjoy a delicious meal.

Before embarking on your trip, be sure to check for any special events or exhibits at the Waterton Visitor Center. For more details on the town's amenities and additional leisurely activities, visit the Waterton Tourism website. The website provides helpful information to enhance your relaxed and enjoyable stay in Waterton Lakes National Park.

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