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            Inn History

At Northland Lodge, we welcome our guests to experience the rich history of our esteemed property. Step into our timeless accommodations and feel the essence of days gone by. Create your own memories within the walls of a place steeped in history and known for its hospitality. 

Who founded Northland Lodge?
Louis Hill, the enterprising son of James J. Hill, found his niche in the railway industry during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Inspired by the growing middle class's leisure pursuits, he sought to transform the Glacier National Park area into America's Switzerland. After the success of the Prince of Wales Hotel in 1927, Louis Hill continued his ventures in the hospitality industry. In 1932, he built Northland Lodge, which offered a more intimate and secluded experience for travelers. This establishment, with its cozy cabins and panoramic views, was designed to appeal to those seeking a closer connection to nature. For more information about Louis Hill we recommend the reads: High on a Windy HillView with a RoomThe Dutiful Son, and Empire Builder

                            Explore a Timeline of Louis Hill's Properties: 

1928: The Grand Unveiling of the Prince of Wales Hotel

  • Enter the roaring 1920s, and witness the grand vision of Louis Hill materialize as the majestic Prince of Wales Hotel emerges on the scene. A testament to opulence, this architectural gem rises to grace the landscape, providing a luxurious escape for those seeking refuge from the stern grip of Prohibition-era America.

Carthew Lodge: Louis Hill's Hidden Retreat

  • Venture down the hillside, away from the bustling affairs of the Prince of Wales Hotel, and stumble upon the discreet Carthew Lodge. Louis Hill, the flamboyant tycoon, constructs this private haven for himself. The lodge boasts tranquility, seclusion, and commanding views of Waterton Lake and the Rocky Mountains from its expansive balconies.

A Place of Passion and Mystery

  • While never Hill's permanent residence (perhaps because of the Great Depression) Hill did use the house with passionate regularity, for it is here, it is said, that he kept his mistress.

1948: The Passing of a Visionary

  • As the curtains fall on Louis Hill's era, his dream home undergoes a change of ownership. In 1948, following Hill's death, the enchanting residence finds new stewards in Hugh Black of St. Mary's and Earl and Bessie Hacking.

Northland Lodge: A New Chapter Begins

  • With the baton passed to new owners, Carthew Lodge transforms into Northland Lodge, marking the beginning of a fresh chapter for this extraordinary estate. The lodges that Louis Hill built stand as enduring symbols of a bygone era, each with its own tale of grandeur, passion, and mystery echoing through the annals of time.
View the lodges above that were part of Louis Hill's efforts to attract tourists to the scenic destinations along the Great Northern Railway and promote travel to the national parks in the northern Rockies. They played a significant role in the early 20th-century development of tourism and recreation in these areas. For additional information please check out High on a Windy Hill the Story of the Prince of Wales Hotel Paperback and Glacier's Historic Hotels and Chalets View With a Room

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